Favorite Stand-Up Subjects

Learning to live with being a lesbian (only been working on it since teendom!!)

Who cares about same sex marriage, if you can’t get anyone to put up with you longer than three months????

…no one told me tattoos morphed along with ageing!!

…fading memory is a social asset when hanging out with contemporaries — no one’s bored –it’s all news to them — every day!

Signs on the Road of Life

…mud wrestling — for Christ!

…body piercing – while U wait!

…in a pet store window: Fish Grooming (for those Bad Scale days)

…in a hotel: Lobsters, 8 pm, Dancing Nightly (that claw clacking can ruin the mood)

“You were simply magnificent last night Marylee! Wonderful timing, use of pauses, right on the button and effervescent up there! The crowd loved and appreciated your act as you could very much hear and feel.” - Event Coordinator, Co-op Radio, Vancouver


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